40 Tattoo Socks That Are Better Than Inking


Getting a tattoo is a pretty serious commitment, but for those of us who still aren’t a 100% sure about it, there is an alternative. And it comes from one online store offering tattoo tights that look just like the real … Read More

Tattoo artists who make flowers immortal

AlexArt, Tattoos

Spring is already knocking on all the doors, although not very willingly, and summer is just around the corner. So, there comes a wonderful time of flowers and bright colors. And those who do not want to wait for spring, … Read More

Abstract and Cubist Style Tattoos by Mike Boyd

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London-based tattoo artist Mike Boyd is a dedicated traveler, viewing the act as a necessary component to developing his style of cubist-focused tattoos. His bright and angular work features Picasso-like faces and segmented bodies, impactful tattoos that make it difficult to discern … Read More