Fashionable Characters on the streets of Tokyo [01.08.2017]

AlexDesign, Inspirations

Japan is an amazing country! Much that happens there, does not lend itself to our understanding. Such bright and fashionable characters can be found on the streets of Tokyo. Япония — удивительная страна! Многое, происходящее там, не поддается нашему пониманию. … Read More

20 Tough Yard Cats


We all love our dear cats, which just wanted to cuddle, cuddle and feed. But much more admiration we cause those living on the streets. One of their bold and full of fearlessness opinion is worth something! Photo Vide collected … Read More

Rating of the Most Expensive Streets in the World


Typically, elite shops located on at least the elite streets. They are like honey attracts tourists and shoppers from around the world. Some are buying clothes from top designers, others just stare for lack of money. However, those and others … Read More