Secrets of Disney

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Why heroes premiere of “Airplanes” so similar to the carts, and that makes the fish Nemo in “Monsters, Inc.”. August 9, 2013 the famous film studio produces the world premiere of the summer rental: the animated feature “Planes”. The plot … Read More

Knitted street art

AlexArt, Street Art

Polish textile artist Agata Olek has finished work on his new project, tying hook a locomotive. At the moment, this is the biggest knitted work that has ever done the authors. Over the unusual colored camouflage for cars Agatha and … Read More

X-Rainbows: Street Art by Shok-1

AlexArt, Street Art

If you were combining rainbows with X-rays, you’d likely get this type of art. Spray painter Shok-1 titles his work as “X-Rainbows,” and it is quite appealing the illuminated effect of the bones and insect. Loading…

Stories in illustrations

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Illustrator and cartoonist from Brooklyn Koren Shadmi creates drawings, like writing a book. Koren Shadmi draws illustrations for the most popular magazines. His work can be seen in publications such giants as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, … Read More

Street art by Banksy Borowski

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Ten years ago, in retirement, a civil engineer, Vladimir Ovchinnikov realized that knows how to draw. And he began “in a pirate” to create on the walls, describing their pictures of bygone days, recreating the city of the past. Two … Read More

Just add a cat

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How to make a legendary paintings of famous artists even better? Simply add the cat. The creators of the project FatCat Art decided to amuse all of its visitors, replacing the dull conversations about classical art a fresh look at the … Read More