28 Beautiful Minerals And Stones

AlexInspirations, Photography

Get ready to over indulge on the world’s most beautiful minerals and stones! When you think of gorgeous natural treasures glistening diamonds and deeply colored gemstones often come to mind. Less common minerals are largely forgotten, but as this list … Read More

Impressive Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations by Suzan Drummen


Dutch artist Suzan Drummen makes amazing floor installations using individually placed mirrors, chromed metal, crystals, and precious stones. Each of the thousands of objects in these installations is placed by hand and is sitting there loose during the exhibition. To … Read More

Stone Footprints by Iain Blake


Iain Blake is an amateur photographer that has gained his popularity on the Internet thanks to his photoset of “Stone Footprints”. By finding the right stones and perfectly arranging them, Iain was able to make a number of very appealing … Read More