Woman Turns IKEA Lamp Into A Death Star


Don’t want your home to look like hundreds of others you see in IKEA’s catalogs? How about making it more like a Darth Vader’s den? Just put your construction hat on and follow this do-it-yourself guide on turning IKEA’s PS 2014 … Read More

Scrap Metal Art of Famous Movie Characters by BanHunLek


BanHunLek, a metal workshop in Thailand, creates beautiful sculptures out of various bits of scrap metal. One of the most popular centerpieces of their collection is their fearsome Hulk statue, which has all the details down to his mutated musculature … Read More

Star Wars themed Tattoos

AlexArt, Tattoos

Star Wars themed Tattoos. Star Wars futuristic stories and characters are truly inspiring and timeless, that Star Wars fans even go to lengths such as tattooing the concept art on their bodies.