When a Brilliantly Painted Stairs

AlexArt, Design

When Lynn moved to a new home in Columbus, he just seemed to her a few gray. To diversify the interior a bit, she decided to paint one step, then another. Loading…

Painted Stairs From all over the World

AlexArt, Street Art

City stairways grey, cold concrete which is often dirty. These Street Artists around the world decided to do something about it. What they have done is nothing short of phenomenal. You won’t believe it. You’ve have to see these incredible … Read More

Street art on the stairs

AlexArt, Street Art

4000 thousands of lights adorn the steps of Santa Maria del Monte in the Sicilian city of Caltagirone. In the Sicilian city of Caltagirone is an old staircase, called Santa Maria del Monte. It has 142 steps, and each is … Read More