Mother of Pearl Shell Skulls by Gregory Raymond Halili


Mother of Pearl Shell Skulls by Gregory Raymond Halili. Filipino artist Gregory Raymond Halili creates amazingly detailed skulls that are hand carved and painted with oil on Philippine mother-of-pear shells. Using monochromatic tones with hints of color, Halili recreates the primal … Read More

Sugar Skull Spoon by HUNDRED MILLION


Sugar Skull Spoon by HUNDRED MILLION Sugar Skull Spoons is a new project on Kickstarter. Stainless Steel spoons that gently remind you sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee. And they look cool too, obviously. Sugar … Read More

100,000 Miniature Porcelain Skulls on Gallery Floor


Nino Sarabutra has filled the Ardel Gallery floor with more than 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls and invites you to walk on them. Entering the gallery, every step you take you will be treading on the skulls, unavoidably. In truth, each … Read More

Forks, saws, axes and skulls in identity bar


Designer Vova Lifanov made brutal Identity for “Hardcore bar.” “Since last year, I painfully worn with this project, finding ways and sponsors willing to implement it. Almost merged with Ginza. It would seem that they are interested in that, but … Read More