Steam Portraits by David Ryle

AlexPhotography, Portraits

Steam Portraits by David Ryle. London based photographer David Ryle created a series named ‘Steam Portraits’. It came about as an experimental excuse to work in the studio, which he found he hasn’t done for a while. ‘I had missed … Read More

"The Rabbit Ears" Series by Dilok Lak


“The Rabbit Ears” Series by Dilok Lak. Bangkok-based illustrator and graphic designer Dilok Lak created the series ‘The rabbit ears’ when felt a little stressed out from his everyday job. “Why the rabbit ears and animal ? This series of … Read More

"Burned Over" Series by Amelia Bauer

AlexNature, Photography

“Burned Over” Series by Amelia Bauer. Amelia Bauer created the series ‘Burned Over’ in the forests of Central New York (Book of Shadows: the Magic in Pictures by Amelia Bauer). Inspired by the mysterious stories that evolve around the ‘burned-over … Read More

A Better Tomorrow Series by Justin Plakas

AlexArt, Digital Art

“A Better Tomorrow” by Justin Plakas is a continuing series of images that combine both physical and digital manipulations. For Justin, the series started as collage-based sketches and over time an entire world emerged. This world uses language and symbols … Read More