Illuminated Code From Space by Haari Tesla


Illuminated Code From Space by Haari Tesla. “Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to … Read More

How Looks Average Woman in Different Countries

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How Looks Average Woman in Different Countries University of Glasgow – the second oldest after St Andrews and the largest university in Scotland, founded in 1451. Scientists and psychologists have combined thousands faces of people to show how the average … Read More

Best photos of astronomy 2013


Royal Greenwich Observatory has announced the list of winners in the annual photography contest. Each year, the main UK astronomy organization is holding a contest among fans to shoot the night sky, and selects the best shots. Experts estimate not … Read More

Contest of the best Photos of Astronomy 2013

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Greenwich Royal Observatory – the main UK astronomy organization. Has just been declared a list of the most likely contenders to win the contest of the best pictures in astronomy for 2013. Let’s get acquainted with the works up close.