Abstract Sandcastles by ‘Sandcastle Matt’


Abstract Sandcastles by ‘Sandcastle Matt’. sandcastles built by a Massachusetts man who goes by Sandcastlematt. Using found objects like vines, plywood, and other junk he creates a sturdy framework to which he applies the classic drip method sandcastle technique resulting … Read More

Spontaneous Sand Paintings by Joe Mangrum

EgisArt, Street ArtEdit

Joe Mangrum’s sand paintings are spontaneous creations in the streets and act as vibrant catalyst in social interactions. First picking up colored sand as a medium in 2006, Joe utilizes the medium as a 4 dimensional painting, moving through time … Read More

16 of the World's Most Unusual Beaches


The sandy beaches of gray, brown or even white shade is quite familiar to us. Even the rocky beaches with sharp cliffs that attract the most brave adventurers are quite common. But are on a blue ball are beaches that … Read More