10 Mesmerizing Paintings That Look Hyper Realistic


Inspite of the evolution over the years the artists have continued to be inspired by world around them. These inspirations sometimes take form of dots and lines in an abstract art, or sometimes they take a life-like form. Lets have … Read More

The Most Honest Underwear Advertising


British manufacturer of lingerie Curvy Kate did a remake of the controversial advertising campaign Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body”, but with more realistic models. Curvy Kate showed other, perfect and beautiful, but it is normal and such different women whose parameters … Read More

Amazingly Realistic Miniature Dioramas by Satoshi Araki


Amazingly Realistic Miniature Dioramas by Satoshi Araki. Satoshi Araki’s obsessive attention to detail makes his work simply stunning. If it wasn’t for the reference of the finger that appears in some of the pictures, it would be very hard to … Read More