Winter Warsaw Beauty from a Height


Warsaw – capital of Poland, is located in Eastern Europe, on the Vistula River. Its population is 1.8 million. Nowadays Warsaw – a mixture of different architectural styles. During the war, the old town was almost completely destroyed and restored … Read More

Street Pole Dances in Poland


Street Pole Dances in Poland Photos: Members of the “Avocadoo” club perform a pole dance on a street sign pole in Lodz, central Poland on June 27, 2013. Talk about a traffic stopper: three pole dancers in central Poland have … Read More

Travelling Artist Grzegorz Wróbel

AlexArt, Street Art

Polish artist Grzegorz Wróbel traveling the world and making sketches of the most beautiful places. From early childhood, Wrobel interested in culture and architectural heritage of different countries. Dreaming to take a walk on the streets of Europe and to … Read More