Fabulous and Colorful Animal Sculptures by Evgeny Hontor


Evgeny Hontor – Russian artist who creates fabulous and colorful animals, each of which is composed of many parts. Master works with a velvety plastic – modern polymer clay, solidifying in the air. Technology had to develop their own. Photo … Read More

Pop Culture Icons from Plastic Doll Parts and Toys


Pop Culture Icons from Plastic Doll Parts and Toys, Freya Jobbins creates her original and detailed assemblage by using a very NON traditional sculptural material – plastic doll parts and toys. She utilizes miscellaneous pieces of dolls and toys to … Read More

Massive Plastic Balloons Inflated Inside Buildings


Penique Productions group utilizes massive plastic balloons that are inflated inside buildings and other interior areas. “Penique productions was born in Barcelona in 2007. It is a collective of artists of different disciplines focused on a common project which is … Read More

Plastic Fish Lamps by Architect Frank Gehry


Plastic Fish Lamps by Architect Frank Gehry. Architect Frank Gehry has presented a new collection of his glowing Fish Lamps made of jagged plastic scales. Frank Gehry first produced his Fish Lamps between 1984 and 1986 using the then-new plastic … Read More