Land Art: Unusual Patterns in Rice Fields


For several years in a Japanese village Inakadate not just grow rice, but also make it beautiful. Using different rice varieties that have different color leaves there in the fields create these pictures! To everyone could better contemplate this unusual … Read More

Black Ink Tattoos by Japanese Artist Kenji Alucky

AlexArt, Tattoos

Black Ink Tattoos by Japanese Artist Kenji Alucky Sacred art on sacred bodies. Black ink tattoos by Kenji Alucky. Japanese artist Alucky (a.k.a. Kenji) specializes in black-dot tattoos that combine various influences like fractal, psychedelic and tribal art.

Patterns: Amazing Repetition

AlexArchitecture, Design

All of us little kids. And all the children love patterns. Look at the children’s clothing – most of blouses, jackets and other things made in repeating patterns of animals, rhombuses, squares and speckles. And these pictures love our children within … Read More

Origami Mosaics by Kota Hiratsuka


Japanese paper artist Kota Hiratsuka has been creating beautifully complex origami mosaics that rely on cut and folded geometric patterns.