Paris Then and Now

AlexHistory, Photography

Paris – the city of love, romance and, of course, the beautiful architecture. In this edition of the series “then and now” you can see the amazing photos taken in the early 1900s. These pictures were painted by hand. And … Read More

Gorgeous Photographs of Forgotten Palaces by Thomas Jorion


Gorgeous Photographs of Forgotten Palaces by Thomas Jorion. Paris-based photographer Thomas Jorion is a treasure hunter, photographing urban ruins and giving new life to dying buildings. In his wonderful series Forgotten Palaces Jorion captures abandoned and decaying villas and castles … Read More

A Fake Paris In China

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They like faking stuff in China. iPhones, cars, orgasms and even towns it seems. After five years of development by Zhejiang Guangsha Co. Ltd., around 2,000 residents now live in Tianducheng aka fake Paris.