3D Living Paintings by Alexa Meade


Alexa Meade takes an innovative approach to art. Not for her a life of sketching and stretching canvases. Instead, she selects a topic and then paints it—literally. She covers everything in a scene—people, chairs, food, you name it—in a mask … Read More

Surreal Paintings by Ben Smith


Ben Smith’s paintings are an attempt to combine the beautiful and the unsettling, the humorous and the sincere, the ba­­­­nal and the uncanny in order to reflect his experience of life. Recurring themes in his work are doubt, divergence within … Read More

20 Most Expensive Paintings in the World


20 Most Expensive Paintings in the World. A review of the 20 Most Expensive Paintings in the World of all time, at auction or private sale. Below is a list of 20 Most Expensive Paintings in the World.Check out previous … Read More

The Art of Brian Rood

AlexArt, Celebrities, Illustrations

The Art of Brian Rood. Brian Rood is a professional illustrator working in the entertainment, comic and commercial art fields. He is most known for his photo-realistic paintings of Hollywood’s stars and characters. Brian has established an international fan base … Read More