Cubic Rubber Bands by Nendo


Tokyo and Milan-based design firm Nendo have designed a cubic rubber band as part of a series of designy stationery items. “The geometrical shapes make the bands easy to find in a drawer and easy to pick up,” says Oki … Read More

Tetra Shed – Modular Garden Office

AlexArchitecture, Design

Among the ever-growing offer of garden offices to install at home, the Tetra Shed module gives off a stylish presence and proves to be an offbeat, evolving and particularly functional alternative. A Faceted monolith designed from a wooden core, Tetra … Read More

Creative and Inspiring Office Designs

AlexDesign, Inspirations

Creative and Inspiring Office Designs. In the design world, office design is increasingly becoming a big deal. For some creative agencies, long gone are the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces, with employers realising that creative surroundings can have … Read More

A Girl Named Elastika: an Animated Adventures


A Girl Named Elastika: An Animated Adventures. Animated by Guillaume Blanchet, this new stop-motion short called A Girl Named Elastica tells the brief story of a girl who leaves her home to adventures around the world. She’s young, dreamy and … Read More