20 Moments of Transcendent Perfection


It is often such that mess around us, madness, vanity, but there might be some miraculous coincidence, which suggests – the ideal world there. Photo Vide collected several examples of looking at that we can take a break from the … Read More

Moments by Adrian Murray

AlexPhotography, Portraits

Adrian Murray is a photographer based out of Louisville Kentucky. He specializes in portraits, and children portraits. Adrian Murray made it his mission to capture his children’s beautiful childhood moments through his lens. Adrian Murray’s beautiful portraits tell a story … Read More

Portraits of New York City Subway Drivers

AlexPhotography, Portraits

Portraits of New York City Subway Drivers. Dutch photographer Janus Van Den Eijnden has created a series of portraits entitled “New York Subway Drivers”. On assignment in New York in 2008, he started photographing underground. Van den Eijnden spent hours … Read More