6 Artists Singing the Praises of Feminine Beauty


At all times fascinated artists, inspired and led to creative feats beautiful women. It is thanks to them that the great masters of each era created their masterpieces. And today is still one of the main themes in the painting … Read More

15 Cars Created in One Copy

AlexDesign, Technology

Nice, perhaps, have a car and know that this is no longer the second. And not because you own it as a peculiar tune, but because it is truly unique – made to your personal request, and only in one … Read More

Gothic Masterpieces of Epic Buildings by Graham Symmons


Gothic Masterpieces of Epic Buildings by Graham Symmons. East Londoner Graham Symmons creates epic buildings that resemble Gothic masterpieces such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims and the Monastery of Batalha.

Niko Pirosmani and his masterpieces for food


Niko Pirosmani – honest and poor artist, who wrote poignant masterpieces on cheap oil-cloth for the food. Niko Pirosmani was primitivist. Of those artists about whom people far from the art and understanding, they say, “Yes I would have no … Read More