Abstract and Cubist Style Tattoos by Mike Boyd

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London-based tattoo artist Mike Boyd is a dedicated traveler, viewing the act as a necessary component to developing his style of cubist-focused tattoos. His bright and angular work features Picasso-like faces and segmented bodies, impactful tattoos that make it difficult to discern … Read More

Celebrities Who Dress Like Some Mattresses

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Ever noticed that celebrities dress like walking mattresses? Thought not. But an outbreak of abandoned mattresses littering the streets of East London caught the eye of pranksters calling themselves Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board who noticed many resembled stars’ outfits.

Flying House in Central London


Before entering the market now Covent Garden is an old Victorian mansion, chopped in the middle and creating the effect of levitation, which side do not look. This installation conceived and implemented the British illusionist Alex Chinnek, known as the … Read More