Dogs – a liquid?

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Everyone knows that cats love to climb and “fit” at the most inopportune space. As it turned out, the dogs love to get into the boxes, cans and baskets at least cats. Photo Vide have a reason to believe that … Read More

Future “Squishy” Robots by MIT Researchers

AlexTechnology, Video

Future “Squishy” Robots by MIT Researchers. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an intriguing material that can change between soft and hard states on command. A new phase-changing material built from wax and foam developed by researchers at … Read More

Orchid: Series of Flower-Inspired Paint Formations


Orchid: Series of Flower-Inspired Paint Formations by Fabian Oefner. “Orchid” is the latest series of the “Paint Action” cycle, which is about modeling paint by natural forces. In this series, gravity created the structures seen in the images. A tank … Read More