Boxes and Bags Turned Into Monsters by Mellie Z

AlexArt, Design

In an ongoing series ‘Dragonhide’of amazing creations, Mellie Z hand pigments strips of leather, turning boxes and bags into monsters. The artist sells her work through Etsy and is also available for commissions and custom pieces. Loading…

Unique Flooring Made from Old Leather Belts


Inghua Ting found a creative way to reuse old leather belts, turning them into bespoke flooring, rugs and interior accents including walls, stairs and doors. The vintage and reclaimed belts used for each creation ensure that no two pieces are … Read More

Artworks Carved by Hand Into Leather by Mark Evans


Artworks Carved by Hand Into Leather by Mark Evans. The artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides. He creates artwork using knives as his ‘paintbrushes’. These leather works of art are incredible and impressively … Read More