Rescued Cats Haven’t Let Go of Each Other Since


In Oct 2013, Haley Williams’ father had just gotten away from the hospital. He had experienced a stroke and and it had been a nerve-racking practical experience to the entire family, Williams told The Dodo. A neighbor who lived not … Read More

Hot Guys and Kittens


Hot Guys and Kittens. This is probably just the best reflection of what every girl wants – a little bit of sugar and a little spice in one place.

About Friendship: Cats and Dogs


If you visit the San Diego Zoo and decide to look at cheetahs, you can see quite close to one of them the dog, and it is no coincidence dog ran, and “companion”, specially selected under the program “Animal Ambassadors”.

Men and Cats

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Attention, girls! Another portion of the very sexy and cute photos of the two most viewed sites on the Internet – namely, male models and cats. Ah, what could be better than the photo of a handsome man with a … Read More