Meet Garfi, the Angriest Cat on the Internet


Internet is filled to the brim with cat pictures and cat videos. It seems that cats became the symbol of the internet. For some unknown reason, cat owners simply love taking pictures of their beloved kitty-cats and posting them on … Read More

Animals that Blew Internet

AlexAnimals, Celebrities

Animals that Blew Internet. Our younger brothers often get the headlines, but sometimes several of them have become a sensation. In this issue we will focus on those members of the wildlife that just blew up the internet. Loading…

The Internet Browser Series By Mike Roshuk

AlexArt, Digital Art

The Internet Browser Series By Mike Roshuk. “Well its been about a year since I first started planning this series, and it is now finally complete! Probably the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done haha…” – Mike Roshuk

Popular Internet Cats on Shirts by Hiroko Kubota


Popular Internet Cats on Shirts by Hiroko Kubota. Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was in the process of making custom sized clothes for her smaller-framed son. “My son was of a smaller build and store-bought clothes wouldn’t fit him well … Read More

Amazon – World's Largest E-commerce Company


Amazon – an American company, the largest in the world in terms of turnover of selling goods and services over the internet. company was founded in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, and in 1995 launched the site. The … Read More

Photos That Are "Blown Up" Internet


Photoshop or not? Sometimes it’s hard to believe your eyes, looking for a particular photo. Actually, it turns out that what goes on it is quite possible, because our world is so amazing and diverse. present you a selection … Read More