‘Luminescence’ Series Installation by Hans Kotter


‘Luminescence’ Series Installation by Hans Kotter. This glowing art installation by artist Hans Kotter was made with colored lights and metal. These LED artworks cleverly create optical illusions with their reflections. Kotter’s LED installations turn light into eye-catching artworks. A … Read More

Impressive Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations by Suzan Drummen


Dutch artist Suzan Drummen makes amazing floor installations using individually placed mirrors, chromed metal, crystals, and precious stones. Each of the thousands of objects in these installations is placed by hand and is sitting there loose during the exhibition. To … Read More

Surreal Street Installations by Mark Jenkins

AlexArt, Street Art

Surreal Street Installations by Mark Jenkins. American Street artist Mark Jenkins uses realistic mannequins to create these strange and surreal street installations, as part of the “City” project. Jenkins’ practice of street art is to use the “street as a … Read More