Sail Away: an Installation of Small Boats Made from Paper Money


Sail Away: an Installation of Small Boats Made from Paper Money. Last April, London-based artist Susan Stockwell created a large interactive installation in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall titled “Sail Away”, featuring hundreds of small boats made from paper money, tickets … Read More

Light-Bending Cube of One-Way Mirrors


Light-Bending Cube of One-Way Mirrors. Three out of six surfaces of the cube are made of flexible membrane (foil mirror) with air tank and a compressor connected to it and the other three mirrors are semi transparent spy-glass. By inflating … Read More

The Kelpies: Mythological Horses in Scotland


The title and theme of The Kelpies as mystical water-borne equine creatures was inherited at the outset of the project, seven years ago. Since then it has evolved dramatically and in the process the ethos and function has shifted from … Read More

“Vertical Emptiness”: Installation by Onishi Yasuaki


“Vertical Emptiness”: Installation by Onishi Yasuaki. The awesome and great Onishi Yasuaki installation piece, “Vertical Emptiness”, which is currently on display at the Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto, Japan. Onishi Yasuaki uses tree branches, hot glue, and urea for his … Read More

China Creates World's Largest Ball Pit


China Creates World’s Largest Ball Pit. On October 30, Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai attempted to create a Guinness World Record of the Largest Ball Pit. Part of the “Pink October” campaign, an event aimed at raising awareness of breast … Read More