Stunning Graffiti by 3D Joe and Max

AlexArt, Street Art

Joe and Max (also known as 3D Joe & Max) was a British duo of artists composed by Joe Hill and Max Lowry. Since the tragic death of Max Lowy in 2010, Joe continues to create astonishing trompe-l’oeil all around … Read More

Snow Graffiti By Lapiz

AlexArt, Street Art, Video

Snow Graffiti By Lapiz – Mexico Tourism Board. 100% snow messages around Chicago to remind the freezing masses that it’s always sunny in Mexico #snowgraffitiMX

Pop Culture Character Street Art by Nychos

AlexArt, Street Art

Nychos loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters. Heck, he throws in a guy or two in there, too. He’s good at it, too, especially considering that his “canvas” can sometimes be wall sized. But the detail … Read More