20 Simple Ideas for Cottage


Cottage – this is the place where people go to escape from the city and be alone with nature. And, of course, want to see the site was well-maintained and comfortable, because after working in the garden you can relax … Read More

20 Tiny Gardens That will Fit on Your Hand

AlexDesign, Inspirations

To split a beautiful garden, optionally has rustic plantations, you just take a fresh look at what you have in your hand. Photo Vide collected 20 microscopic gardens, which require only a fantasy and a couple scoops of land.

Tetra Shed – Modular Garden Office

AlexArchitecture, Design

Among the ever-growing offer of garden offices to install at home, the Tetra Shed module gives off a stylish presence and proves to be an offbeat, evolving and particularly functional alternative. A Faceted monolith designed from a wooden core, Tetra … Read More

Edible Zen Rock Garden Made From Japanese Sweets


Edible Zen Rock Garden Made From Japanese Sweets. Zen rock gardens are typically composed of carefully placed rocks, surrounded by sand that is raked to represent water ripples. They’re supposed to inspire a meditative state of calm and relaxation. They’re … Read More