Simpsons Ralph Turned into a Creepy Cake


“I carved his body and leg out of cake and covered all his parts in buttercream. I used one internal dowel in his body and some support straws in the layers. After covering his head in modelling chocolate I started … Read More

Othman Toma Paints with Ice-Cream Instead of Watercolours


Othman Toma Paints with Ice-Cream Instead of Watercolours. Othman Toma, an artist from Baghdad, Iraq, has put his watercolor skills to the test by painting with a very unusual “paint”- melted ice-cream. Painting with salt, coffee, and other kinds of … Read More

Woodblock Sushi Set for Kids


Woodblock Sushi Set for Kids. The wooden sushi set for kids was originally created by Japanese design firm plaplax for a kid-friendly exhibition last year, but you can now buy your very own “tsumiki sushi”. In sushi terminology, shari refers … Read More

Citrus Fest by Photographer Emily Blincoe


Citrus Fest – beautiful new photos from Emily Blincoe. “i’m a freelance photographer, born & raised in austin, texas.  i enjoy working with color and natural light and usually in a series.   you can keep up with my day-to-day … Read More

Still Life Photography by Rene Mesman


Rene Mesman is a talented Amsterdam-based still life photographer, who does some rather interesting things with food. He worked for Heineken, Converse and the New York Times magazine in the past.Besides interiors, advertisements, and a intriguing series of people in … Read More