Incredibly Realistic Food Samples Made Uses Wax

AlexArt, Video

Gujo town in Gifu prefecture of Japan is the place where technology of making these ultra-realistic food samples used to show menu in Japanese restaurants began. These samples are made out of plastic, wax and other materials, and then painted. … Read More

Creative Food Art by Ukrainian Artist Daryna Kossar


Creative Food Art by Ukrainian Artist Daryna Kossar. Ukrainian artist Daryna Kossar makes charming food art out of fruit, condiments, and other delicious things. Darina creates beautiful and funny paintings from food, makes photos and uploads them to Instagram, social … Read More

The Most High-Rise Bar in the World


Most large cities in the world live on a few “floors”, moving on land they do not see the sky, and the sense to lift his head no. Around this chaos of sound, light and color that the lower level … Read More

Delicious Food Photography Examples


Delicious Food Photography Examples. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants.

Photorealist Tjalf Sparnaay


Tzhalf Sparnaay – Dutch painter fotorealist . He was born in 1954. Work Tzhalfa Sparnaaya exhibited successfully around the world.

Tiny People’s Adventures In The World of Food


Tiny People’s Adventures In The World of Food. Photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have created a series of humorous dioramas that depict miniature people going about their daily lives in an edible world. Titled MINIMIAM, a play on words … Read More

Chocolates Like a Set of Oil Paints


“Chocolates like a set of oil paints. Tubes in a box of paints contain a variety of colours, and these chocolates a variety of flavoured syrups. The labels indicate each chocolate’s flavour and also function as wrappers, keeping fingers clean … Read More

Per Color by Marco Ugolini


Artist Marco Ugolini Per Color series of photographs display supermarket products divided by colour. The Images taken by Brazilian photographer Pedro Motta, were created for Marco’s residency at JACA the Center for Contemporary Arts in Brazil.