Surreal Figurative Paintings by Alex Gross


Surreal Figurative Paintings by Alex Gross Alex Gross is a contemporary American artist currently based in Los Angeles, California “Lately my work is influenced to a large extent by advertising, particularly fashion advertising. I consider it to be some of the most beautiful imagery around, much more than most fine art. And the irony of using such sophisticated and voluptuous … Read More

Visions of Poe by Fine Art Photographer Diana Debord


Diana Debord is a fine art photographer born and raised in the north of Italy, where she still resides. Her series “Visions of Poe” is an hommage to her favourite writer and some of his works, from The Black Cat to Morella. <<I have always loved decadent and dreamlike atmospheres, so I embarked on this project: I give my own … Read More

Figurative Wood Sculptures by Willy Verginer


Figurative Wood Sculptures by Willy Verginer. Willy Verginer figurative sculptures are carved from solid pieces of lindenwood and often painted with acrylic or accompanied by additional materials. Verginer is currently based out of Ortisei, a small town in South Tyrol, Italy.

Abstract Figurative Paintings by Christine Comyn


Christine Comyn demonstrated talent for painting and drawing at a very young age. She studied at the St. Luke Academy in Ghent, Belgium, and later on at the Pedagogic Institute for Promotion, also in Ghent with the intention of becoming an educator. Comyn considers herself an abstract painter, allowing the figurative elements of each work to evolve as a means … Read More