Max Conrad Extreme Natural Phenomena Photography


Photographer Maximilian Conrad from Germany for a long time pursued the fierce storms in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas in search of the perfect shot. They showcase the power of Mother Nature with terrifying tornadoes, supercells and lightning. Max Conrad-chaser Maximilian … Read More

Extreme Arctic Surfers

AlexEntertainment, World

When we say the word “surfing” is probably pop up images of hot, white sand beaches with palm trees. And you can hardly think of this not very suitable place for surfing, as the Arctic Circle.

GoPro: Behind the Stunts of Furious 7

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GoPro: Behind the Stunts of Furious 7 An incredible behind-the-scenes look at the stunts of Furious 7. You really get an appreciation for the teamwork, talent and dedication required to pull off such amazing visuals. Go behind the scenes of … Read More

Get Inside at Any Cost

AlexPhotography, World

Movement “Urban Studies”, or urban exploration, gaining more and more popularity worldwide. A lot of attention to him and Photo Vide – we like chilling photos and videos, which can be obtained from these fans of extreme sports. Today we … Read More

Eskil Ronningsbakken By Extreme Balancing Acts


29-year-old extreme balancing artist, Eskil Ronningsbakken has to be one of the world’s most amazing performers. Ronningsbakken has performed the most dangerous balancing acts I’ve ever seen, riding a bike upside down, balancing under a balloon in plain flight and … Read More