Emotional Digital Arts by Masoumeh Tavakoli

AlexArt, Digital Art

Masoumeh Tavakoli is a self-taught digital artist from Afghanistan basely live in Iran. She started work her work at 2011 and since then works as a freelance artist. Masoumeh art – a great combination of fantasy and romance. Loading…

Cute Emotional Photos of Father and Child


The child happiness, the father’s pure love, the best occasion and much more. We dedicate these beautiful photographs to our dad who makes us happy and beautiful everyday and forever and ever and on this moment we thank for the … Read More

History of painful love poems


A young poet from Minnesota wrote a fantastic emotional poem. Obsessive-compulsive disorder – a disease in which everything in this world must be subject to certain rules. And these rules are intrusive state and cause a lot of inconvenience to … Read More

20 of the most emotional homes

AlexDesign, Funny, Photography

Houses with human faces, who can be surprised, admire, angry and most umilyat observation. It would seem that any house – it’s just a building that has a door, window, roof, and the atmosphere created by the people in it. … Read More