Created the world’s first talking sexy doll


Meet Harmony – the world’s only talking sex doll, which has 18 personalities. She is able to answer questions and even remember your favorite dish. In order to create the most realistic sex doll designers released a robot, in which … Read More

How Made Japanese Kokeshi Doll

AlexArt, Video

Kokeshi dolls these traditional wooden figurines were said to have been originally made as souvenirs to sell to people visiting the local hot springs in Northern Japan. Although there are about 10 different styles, each doll is made with an … Read More

Pop Culture Icons from Plastic Doll Parts and Toys


Pop Culture Icons from Plastic Doll Parts and Toys, Freya Jobbins creates her original and detailed assemblage by using a very NON traditional sculptural material – plastic doll parts and toys. She utilizes miscellaneous pieces of dolls and toys to … Read More