Cute Pets Are So Happy on Their Swing Sets

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For some reason pets really enjoy riding in swings. Perhaps it makes them feel like they’re flying? These pets on swings are so cute, and so happy! Who ever said swing sets are just for kids? Loading…

Flying Dogs Competition in Slovenia 2016


The Flying Dogs competition is a three day event held in Kamnik, Slovenia. Each canine is placed anywhere on to the 10m platform, runs, & jumps into the water after a throw toy. Loading…

Pets Groomer Dancing With a Client Dog


For some canines, acquiring a specialist clean and trim could be a scary working experience. But Argentine pet groomer Luis Antonio Caballero has discovered a means for making it entertaining for everyone – and this is the happiest small online … Read More

Dogs Love You so Much and Become Nosy Dogs


As you might have gathered, this list is about nosy dogs. They’re all up in your face, but that’s because they love you so much, they believe that whatever you’re doing is really cool.