Mixed Media Artwork by Hu Yi Wei

AlexArt, Digital Art, Illustrations

Mixed Media Artwork by Shanghai, China based artist Hu Yi Wei, aka Waver_h. Waver_h’s likes to create his work from existing photos and then add graphic elements by digitally created. Both are perfectly mixed. He is a crossover artist: from graphic, VI … Read More

Mind Blowing Examples of Mermaid Art

AlexArt, Digital Art

Mermaid has been a mythical and legendary creature in culture for thousands of years. Today the artist continues the legends in various forms, esp. in fantasy art, where it often appears in fairy tale, emotional girl, or warrior.

Magical Digital Art By Alexander Jansson

AlexArt, Digital Art

Illustrations transform into magical digital arts in freelance Sweden artist Alexander Jansson’s dream works. He specializes in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design. Alexander Jansson describes himself on Facebook as “some kind of “artist”, digital mixed … Read More