Rooms Transformed Into Overhead Cat Playgrounds

AlexAnimals, Design

Rooms Transformed Into Overhead Cat Playgrounds. Goldtatze (Gold Paw) is a German company that builds elaborate cat perches, walkways, and scratching posts out of natural materials like wood and rope. The company also does custom installations, creating expansive cat playgrounds … Read More

iPhone 6 Concept Design By Nikola Cirkuvic


iPhone 6 Concept Design By Nikola Cirkuvic. This is an iPhone 6 concept design created by Nikola Cirkuvic, a mechanical engineering student from Serbia. Aside from a “thin-ness” of 5.3 mm, no other dimensions were released by the creator. In … Read More

Creatively Designed Floating Beds

AlexDesign, Inspirations

Creatively Designed Floating Beds The Floating Bed is an advanced hanging bed. It’s gentle rocking provides better sleep, health benefits and the feeling of floating. While you are searching for the ideal bed to fulfill your needs, designer John Huff … Read More

Extraordinary Packaging Design


Extraordinary Packaging Design With the use of illustration, color, typography and even various packaging materials, a beautiful and attractive packaging can boost the selling and stands out from the rack of competitors.

Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Design Genius


“In this life I regret only one thing that I did not invent jeans”. – Yves Saint Laurent Anarchist and feminist of fashion, he’s dressed in tuxedos and women transparent blouses, came up with the trapeze dress and safari style, … Read More