Animals that Blew Internet

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Animals that Blew Internet. Our younger brothers often get the headlines, but sometimes several of them have become a sensation. In this issue we will focus on those members of the wildlife that just blew up the internet. Loading…

Meet Marutaro, Adorable Pygmy Hedgehog


Meet Marutaro, Adorable Pygmy Hedgehog. Marutaro is an adorable pygmy hedgehog and rising Internet star behind the wildly popular twitter account @Hedgehogdays. The owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) posts daily pictures of Marutaro (and videos on Vine) in a … Read More

Cute Photos of Sleeping Cats

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It is really very exciting to see the cute little cats relaxing and sleeping without caring or worrying about anything. Photos of sleeping cats are not only cute but also makes one feel jealous to have such a nice.