Cute Children Photos by Kim Anderson


Cute Children Photos by Kim Anderson. European photographer Kim Anderson set the world on fire with his timeless and nostalgic photographs of young children in oversized adult clothing. For the past 10 years he has worked exclusively for Verkerke Publishing … Read More

17 Cutest Puppies in the World

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When you see these pictures, the relationship of dogs with bears is not in doubt. True, these kids are more like teddy bears, rather than the present. Present you pictures that brought Photo Vide to puppy delight.

Daisy: the Cutest Kitten in the World


Daisy lives in Japan and she’s probably the cutest kitten in the world. Here’s some pictures of her, photographed by her owner Ben Terode. More info: Flickr Daisy: the Cutest Kitten in the World:

Cute Pets Are So Happy on Their Swing Sets

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For some reason pets really enjoy riding in swings. Perhaps it makes them feel like they’re flying? These pets on swings are so cute, and so happy! Who ever said swing sets are just for kids?