Underwater Walking With Ancient Predator

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Mexican underwater photographer Rodrigo Friscione – a real adventurer. Risking their lives he sailed close to the 3-meter crocodile near Belize in Central America. Ancient predator snout poked curiously at the camera box. Loading…

Photos of the Day: Wildlife of Costa Rica


Costa Rica – a country-reserve, where a riot of wild flora and fauna surrounded by mountains and oceans. In Costa Rica for more than 70 national parks, almost 30% of the country’s protected areas. It is home to a lot … Read More

Jaguar vs Crocodile – Who Wins?


39-year-old Justin Black, a photographer from Washington, took these amazing shots at the banks of the River Cuiabá, in the swamps of the Pantanal in western Brazil, when he noticed a 130-pound jaguar attacked by a huge crocodile. Loading…