Beautiful Nature in Photos of Ross Lipson

AlexNature, Photography

Ross Lipson is a landscape photographer based in Bend, Oregon. After attending college in Michigan, Ross began travelling across the country. The journey stirred within him a passion for the beauty of the world around him, documenting the thing he … Read More

20 Perfect Color Combination in the Interior


Color – is the most important in the interior, his soul and music. But music can be quiet and understated, and may become darker shades and tune in combination with each other. The space of this just do not win. … Read More

Artist Melissa McCracken Paint Music

AlexArt, Entertainment

Young artist Melissa McCracken not only a pictures she paints music. Melissa – sinestetik, and it has the unique ability to perceive and portray the colors of any sound, whether it’s a simple sounding name or song on the radio, … Read More