Glamorous Colorful Photos of Alexandra Kingo

AlexFashion, Photography

Aleksandra Kingo is a talented Lithuanian photographer and director, currently lives and works in London, UK. Alexandra specializes in fashion and life. Her work borders on discomfort and sexuality, she plays with the feelings of the viewer, causing disgust and … Read More

Colorful Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers


Dutch artist Joris Kuipers studied traditional painting and fine arts. However, his works couldn’t be called traditional. Kuipers creates large-scale suspended colorful installation that seem like they twist and spiral off the walls and ceilings. Joris Kuipers artworks are made … Read More

Colorful Reclaimed Paper Insects


Ad agency Soon, based in Belgium, created a set of insects made from reclaimed paper for a paper company called IGEPA Benelux. The insects are part of a visual language used in a brochure that advertises a line of recycled … Read More