China XXI Century. Scenes from the Life

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The most populous country in the world with the second largest economy continues to grow and develop in the XXI century, and the Chinese technology has penetrated into all areas of the global economy and production. On the other hand, … Read More

Porcelain House in Tianjin


The main attraction of the Chinese Tianjin – an extraordinary porcelain house (瓷 房子, Ci Fangzi, Yuebao House, China Porcelain House), who took its present shape through the efforts of a local businessman Lianzhi Zhang (Zhang Lianzhi). All his life … Read More

Bamboo Bear


At the zoo in Taipei has a new resident – the little panda. Who are the bamboo bears learn in today’s article. Photographs AFP, LETA Pandu no one confused. Body massive, covered with a thick white fur with black patches … Read More

Tidal Wave: Upstream


In a few places on Earth tides and local landscapes can become a cause of the phenomenon, which is called a tidal wave. It is formed when a huge mass of water fall into the narrow channel of the river. … Read More

Shanghai Then and Now


Reuters photographer Carlos Barria recently spent time in Shanghai, China, the fastest-growing city in the world. A week ago, he took this amazing shot, recreating the same framing and perspective as a photograph taken in 1987, showing what a difference … Read More

Panda Hotel: Bed Surrounded by Pandas, China


Many people can not remain indifferent to such a sweet and funny little animals like pandas. This is taken into account, and the owners of the hotel Panda Hotel. They managed to create a thematic hotel where everything is in … Read More

A Fake Paris In China

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They like faking stuff in China. iPhones, cars, orgasms and even towns it seems. After five years of development by Zhejiang Guangsha Co. Ltd., around 2,000 residents now live in Tianducheng aka fake Paris.