Mixed Media Artwork by Hu Yi Wei

AlexArt, Digital Art, Illustrations

Mixed Media Artwork by Shanghai, China based artist Hu Yi Wei, aka Waver_h. Waver_h’s likes to create his work from existing photos and then add graphic elements by digitally created. Both are perfectly mixed. He is a crossover artist: from graphic, VI … Read More

World’s Longest Wooden Sculpture by Zheng Chunhui


World’s Longest Wooden Sculpture by Zheng Chunhui. A wooden sculpture, featuring the famous painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival, succeeds in creating a new Guinness World Record – “the world’s longest wooden sculpture” – on November 14, 2013. … Read More

China’s Crowd Art

AlexPhotography, World

Military parades, attempts to set a world record or staging huge performances – such views can look really impressive, or, conversely, frightening. We go to China to see the crowd art.