Cat George Thinks That He’s the Man


Pet prefers to stand on two legs instead of four. At any opportune moment he gets up straight and looking thoughtfully into the distance, dreaming about something. “He’s the cute cat out of all that I have seen. A little … Read More

Cat Lover Draws Cat With Paper Drawn Expressions


The cat, whose owner goes by Luke_Hero on reddit, looks far from impressed. Still, this cat doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Cats pretend to be all independent and ‘too cool’, but really they just want endless attention (at least that’s … Read More

Cats Sitting Like Humans

AlexAnimals, Funny

I’ve always thought that sitting in this position would be uncomfortable for a cat, that’s probably because none of my kitties have ever chosen to sit like this. So take a look at these 16 pictures of cats sitting like … Read More