China’s Elevated Bus Comes Into Reality


When we listened to about China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), we imagined it might fulfill exactly the same fate. 3 months later having said that, we could not be happier for being incorrect because they really created it! Loading…

BUS: Obvious Bus Stop


BUS: Obvious Bus Stop. Spanish art studio mmmm… has created “BUS,” a clever sculptural bus stop that lets commuters relax and take shelter in 14-foot-tall letters that form the word “bus.” “BUS is an obvious bus stop. Three large sculptures … Read More

The Most Picturesque Bus Stop in the World


In the valley of the Ox (La quebrada del Toro) in Salta Province of Argentina is probably the most picturesque bus stop in the world. On both sides of Ten-kilometer valley surrounded by mountains. Slopes and clouds at sunset changing … Read More