Mind Blowing Massive Body Landscapes by Carl Warner


Mind Blowing Body Landscapes by Carl Warner. Based in London, Carl Warner’s (previous: Mind Blowing Foodscapes by Carl Warner) 25-year career spans still life and advertising photography. He is best known for his intricate food landscapes, many of which can … Read More

The Objectuals by Hyungkoo Lee


The Objectuals by Hyungkoo Lee The korean artist Hyungkoo Lee extends his concerns on cultural perceptions and the shift in the standard of ethnic tolerance. Lee questions anatomical stereotypes by exaggerating specific body’s features to the edge of the radical, … Read More

Hyper Realistic Drawings on the Body

AlexArt, Tattoos

Tattoo-mania knows no bounds. People addicted to the ink on the body, at times, seem to be insane to even the most experienced tattoo artist. Sometimes they are asked to make obscene or realistic drawing of a little eerie. Just … Read More