“The Beth Project”: Thick and Thin


Photographer Blake Morrow shot a creative series of clone photos showing his friend Beth Beard before and after she lost 150 pounds – about 68 kilograms. The portraits were taken two years apart and combined into pop-culture inspired clone photos … Read More

Body Painting Creations by Chooo-San


Body Painting Creations by Chooo-San. The 21-year-old student of Musashino Art University is its stunning style absolutely true and now has refilled some more body art works, which we can hide from you impossible. Directly below here you can take … Read More

Mind Blowing Massive Body Landscapes by Carl Warner


Mind Blowing Body Landscapes by Carl Warner. Based in London, Carl Warner’s (previous: Mind Blowing Foodscapes by Carl Warner) 25-year career spans still life and advertising photography. He is best known for his intricate food landscapes, many of which can … Read More