Wooden Beer Cap Maps

AlexDesign, Inspirations

Jesse Darley has designed Beer Cap Maps, a brilliant series of laser-cut plywood maps filled with holes that allow people to display bottle caps from the location of the beer’s brewery in the Continental United States–and soon, the world. It’s … Read More

Oktoberfest 2013


This weekend in Munich opened the 180th year of this festival Oktoberfest 2013 – the largest folk festival in the world , which will last 16 days, he will visit the 6 million people, with the price liter mug comes … Read More

Most live beer

AlexDesign, Inspirations

Editor and illustrator from Boston animated the label of your favorite beer brands. Trevor Karmic, a connoisseur and lover of various grades of foam, found a way to make a bottle of beer even more desirable. He is not just animated … Read More

Took a sip of beer and recorded video


Rock band after 20, 40, 60 or 80 cans of beer. When the boys of British rock band Moones puzzled over how to promote their latest single Better Energy, singer Olly Christian voiced elegant idea: write a song endlessly, but … Read More