Illustrator Alexandre Korobov


Alexandre Korobov, young illustrator, creates illustrations full of colours, saturated, photo-realistic, at times acid and ironical, the obsessions of the time finding their way into his commissioned work. He also seeks to revisit illustration techniques of the past by using … Read More

Digital Art by Chong FeiGiap

AlexArt, Digital Art, Illustrations

Digital Art by Chong FeiGiap The Malaysian artist Chong FeiGiap uses a mix of Sketchup (Architecture+Perspective block outs), Painter and Maya to craft each one of his beautiful pieces, drawing from colorful favela/slum architecture, the result of having to construct … Read More

Pop Culture Artworks by Sam Carlson


Pop Culture Artworks by Sam Carlson Sam Carlson creates beautiful works of art in surprisingly different styles that feature famous characters from movies, comics and video games.

CGI Artworks That Look Like Photographs

AlexArt, Digital Art

At the intersection of art and technology you will find the incredible work of CGI artists. These artists are blurring the lines of reality with 3D renderings that look so realistic they are near impossible to distinguish from a photograph. … Read More

Stunning Digital Art by Corrado Vanelli

AlexArt, Digital Art

Corrado Vanelli is an extremely talented digital artist living and working in Italy. He discovered computer graphics around the mid 90′s. After some experiments with 3D modeling he decided to work only with 2D painting because its the best way … Read More